See all your information in one place … automatic, live, replication and consolidation of multiple databases

SQL-Hub has been developed to allow businesses with multiple servers to see all their information in one place. SQL-Hub pulls the information from multiple databases into a central source giving an up to date overview of a whole organisation. It is especially powerful where multiple locations are using the same or similar database structures. SQL-Hub will work with MS SQL, MySQL, dBase, Oracle, SalesForce, Paradox and FileMaker databases.

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Live Information

The central database created by SQL-Hub is updated from the original databases incrementally in “real time” so the information you see is live.

No effect on your current systems 

Your central view is a live copy of the data, original sources are not affected. Tags are placed on the information when it comes in so that it retains its origin and does not become confused with data from other sources of a similar type.

Easy to Use 

SQL-Hub runs via an intuitive Graphical User Interface which lets you set up your central view and add or remove, or temporarily disconnect, individual databases at the touch of a button.

Proven Technology 

SQL-Hub uses underlying Microsoft SQL Server replication technology to combine your information sources into one database. This central repository can then give a joined up view of the business information across the whole organisation whilst allowing all the individual systems to carry on working as normal. No additional software or services need to be running on the server.

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To use our free tool to convert a database creation script generated by MS SQL Server Enterprise Manager into a script that can be run to create the database on MySQL, click here.